Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Todays Mail

In today's mail I got an awesome coupon book called Hometown Values, the Home and Garden Edition. Lots of cool coupons in there like BOGO at Rafiki which is a really cool place to take the kids it is an indoor kids play center. My son loves it. Also BOGO at Gandolfos. SO if you haven't looked at it yet do and see what other kinda deals you can find. I know people (my neighbor) who just throws them away. GASP!!!


Another really cool thing. It is a search engine, like google and you earn points which will earn you gift cards. SO cool. Click here to join swagbucks and earn some gift cards. My friend Keri Lyn over at has already received a few gift cards to Target. YEAH.

JC Penney Coupons

$10 off $50 or $15 off $75. Click here to print your coupons OR use Promo code 429SAVE for online orders.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Friends Don' t Let Friends Pay Retail

Ok this is really cool. All you do is shop through there website and you earn cash back on all your purchases. It's so easy. I find really great deals online and they have tonz of stores to choose from. It is really cool. Plus just for signing up you get 5 bucks. So click here to sign up and start making some moolah!! Also right now there deal of the day is magazine subscriptions and I saw Redbook 12 month subscription for .99 cents, Marie Claire 12 months for 3.00 it is through Barnes and Nobles and there are tonz more for cheap. So SIGN up and get yourself some cheap magazine subscriptions!!

FREE Hallmark Card

This is SO cool. You can edit the words and they even send it to your recipient for FREE!!! (with the coupon code) I sent one to my mom for Mothers day. They have really cute cards go here to get yours you need to have a hallmark account or set up to get one it is really easy to do and so worth it. Use coupon code CARD4MOM.
Thanks Keri Lyn from

Snuggle Creme Coupon

Click the heading to print your $2 off coupon. These cost around 4 dollars at target, so it is a pretty good deal!!!

Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner $2 off Coupon

New! Pledge® Multi Surface Cleaner Click on the heading to get your coupon.

Huggies Little Swimmers $3 off coupon

Click the heading to print your coupon. Remember you can print these twice.
* For some reason I cannot get this to print. But maybe it is just me. Let me know if anyone can print it. I don't want to delete it because it is a really good coupon. If know one else can then I will delete the post.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Coffee Mate Coupon

This is a great coupon for 1.50 off. I have used it to buy the smaller ones at Target they are around 1.69 so I paid .19 cents.
Click on the heading to print yours.
Update I printed this and now it says off two. So print the 1 off one it is a better deal!!

Bagel-fuls Coupon

This one is for you Keri Lyn!!! Apparently these are really good. So click on the heading to print your $1 off coupon.

YO Plus Yogurt Coupon

1.50 off 1. These are really good and should make some cheap yogurt. Click on the heading to print the coupon

BOGO Crispy Fish Taco at Del Taco

I have personally never tried these but it sounds good.  Click the heading and it will take you directly to the coupon to print.  

Barnes and Nobles 20% off coupon

You can only use it online.  To save 20% online you must enter coupon codeH4E7B3W at checkout. 
Offer Expires May 2nd.  

Bath and body Works $10 off $30 coupon

Click the heading to get your coupon

Mothers day is coming up.  Would make a great gift.  I personally love there stuff.  Smells so yummy. 

Sunday, April 26, 2009

One More

Ok just one more sample for the night
I love these for traveling.  They are great, this one is for Dove shampoo/conditioner.

Another Free sample

This is one for the Good Nites boxer sleep shorts go here 
to get your free sample

My First Post

So my wonderful friend Karilyn has talked me into my own blog.  I was really not into it, but it was really easy to set up, and now I am really excited.  
So my first post is for a free sample of Quaker Dark Chocolate True delights.  They are really good if you have not tried them yet go to this website
and get your free sample

I just got my sample in the mail and it came with a $1 off coupon inside!! YEAH.